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Rewire Your Relationship-The Workshop

Are you tired of feeling disconnected, distant, and unsatisfied in your relationship? Have you been wondering if this is the right relationship for you? Or maybe you have been feeling so lonely in spite of the fact that you are surrounded by people.

Let's face it, relationships are challenging! Most of the time, we know what we want we just don't know how to make it happen. In Rewire your Relationship - The Workshop, I focus on four steps to building a deep lasting connection. 1) Understanding your wiring, 2) Getting your needs met, 3) Repairing disconnection, and 4) Building healthy habits. These are the critical steps necessary to build a healthy secure relationship.


“Lee is amazing! My husband and I saved hundreds of dollars and months of therapy with her guide, and our relationship is deeper now more than ever! Finding out how to manage our different attachment styles was a game changer, and we’ve already started putting her habits into practice every day. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to finally understand each other better!

Rewire Your Relationship is worth its weight in gold!”

 –Barbara and John L.


I feel so lonely in my relationship, we live separate lives under the same roof.

The loneliness of disconnection is at the heart of every argument or silent treatment fueling your disappointment. This distance makes you feel anxious, isolated and afraid and it can ultimately tear your relationship apart. When you try to talk to your partner about your feelings, it just seems to make it worse. You either - keep it to yourself to try to keep the peace or you eventually explode making a desperate plea to your partner in the hopes of making it better. But it just seems to backfire!

Other people make it look easy. But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that the hard part was going to be finding the right partner, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you are questioning yourself-what happened to our closeness?

And you're not alone. Most couples are clueless as to why the closeness seems to just disappear.

The truth is that understanding your attachment style is a game changer, one that will help you feel understood, connected, and even secure.

The problem? Communication issues, power struggles, and lack of trust often make achieving a deep connection more trouble than it's worth.

But what if there was a way to help you get it right?

Hello, I'm Dr. Lee LeGrice

And I want to help you rebuild your relationship.

I know first hand how difficult building relationships can be. Let's face it, relationships are challenging and none of us get an instruction manual on how to do it the right way. Many of us grew up in families that didn't model healthy loving relationships so naturally we struggle.

But after many years as a couples therapist and having my own relationship challenges and successes, I have learned some of the most effective strategies for building secure, healthy relationships.

Learning these skills became a game changer for me and I have no doubt they will make a big difference for you too. Let's get started!


Imagine having a secure, close intimate relationship.

Here's what that would look like...

  • Feeling close and connected instead of defeated and lonely.
  • Resolving arguments quickly instead of letting them ruin your week.
  • Knowing how to talk about tough issues that build each other up instead of avoiding conversations altogether.
  • Inspiring your partner to action instead of unintentionally pushing them away.
  • Looking forward to intimate evenings instead of feeling like roommates.
  • Experiencing your partner as accessible, responsive and engaged instead of inconsiderate, insensitive and immature.
  • Feeling excited and full of passion when you anticipate seeing your partner at the end of the day instead of making excuses to work late and hopefully come home after they've gone to bed.

"I can’t imagine where our relationship would be if we hadn’t done this work with you. We can now have conversations with each other that we have never had in twenty years of marriage. And when we do argue it doesn’t last all week. We can work through it and move on. This has truly changed our lives. Thank you so much!"

 –Alicia and Ben M.


Rewire Your Relationship-The Workshop provides a pathway to help find your way back to deep connection.

The Workshop provides a pathway that includes four steps to build that secure connection within your relationship; designed to help you take a deeper look at your past attachment issues so that you can develop the tools needed to feel close and secure.

Rewire Your Relationship - The Workshop was originally created to help couples build a baseline of skills to achieve a healthy, secure relationship. After years of providing counseling to struggling couples, I have learned that most couples want the same closeness and connection but they don't have the skills and understanding on how to do it. The Guide has helped countless couples rebuild the compassionate connection that brought them together in the first place and has enabled them to rekindle the roles of best friend, lover, and closest confidant.

If you're feeling the chronic stress of disconnection, or if you're feeling alone in your relationship and not sure how to reach your partner, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

"It's hard for me to admit, but I realize I was being critical towards Jeff, I honestly thought I was trying to make the relationship better, now I know that I was making it hard for him to feel safe"

 –Tammy Y.


Learn how your attachment style drives disconnection.

The Workshop will help you identify the patterns in your relationship that aren't working anymore and create new patterns that are based on your specific attachment strategies. Gain an understanding as to why specific attachment issues may fuel emotional pain. Learn strategies to work with your partner based on their attachment style. The Workshop includes four crucial steps to build the healthy secure relationship you have been longing for.

- STEP 1 -


Understanding your wiring helps you see how your unique attachment style constructed the wiring in your brain and how it impacts your relationship.

You will uncover the real reasons you're lacking the closeness you want.

You'll learn specific strategies to build closeness tailored to your attachment style.

- STEP 2 -


This step includes learning how to get your needs met inside the relationship instead of thinking you need to look elsewhere to find nurturing and support.

For example, you'll learn how to communicate in ways that solve problems creatively instead of lashing out or avoiding dialogue. You'll also learn how to spot and avoid negative patterns.

- STEP 3 -


The third step may be the most critical in the process.

Disconnections are inevitable but knowing how to repair and recover is crucial to deepening connection.

Done right, disconnections are opportunities to build intimacy in the relationship. You'll learn a lot about triggers and the 6 step process on how to repair a disconnection.

- STEP 4 -


Step four is all about habits. Maintaining a connection that leads to security requires building healthy habits.

Every time you share a positive experience with your partner, your brain comes to associate him/her with pleasure.

You'll learn what specific habits lead to effectively rewiring your relationship for connection.

"My wife was always telling me we didn't talk enough. Now I realize what that's all about. I'm not feeling like I'm being attacked anymore. This workbook really helped me see in black and white what was happening in our relationship."

 –Mark S.


Get all the tools you need to transform your relationships.

When you register for Rewire your Relationship-The Workshop, you will receive a workbook as well as instructions on how to access the online training. Our proven process provides a step-by-step plan for how to rewire your relationship and rebuild the connection, so you'll never wonder what your next step should be.

Rewire Your Relationship -The Workshop

The Workshop focuses on a four step process to help couples transform their relationship from disconnected and conflict focused to a healthy, warm, and secure connection. The relationship you want is not out of reach. With this information and a decent amount of work to build your skills - it is possible to have the closeness and connection you deserve.

Step 1 - Understand your wiring. Learn about the role your attachment style plays in the relationship. Learn about the secret weapons: co-regulation and self-regulation and how they impact your relationship.

Step 2 - Learn how to get your needs met inside the relationship instead of thinking you need to look elsewhere to find nurturing and support. Learn the surprising ways you might be unintentionally pushing your partner away.

Step 3 - Repair Disconnection. Disconnections are inevitable but they don't have to ruin your week! Practice the six steps to repair a disconnection. Recognize how triggers are preventing you from truly seeing the relationship clearly. Learn specific actions to take when you get triggered.

Step 4 - Build Healthy Habits. Learn how to inspire your partner in new ways that help your partner respond differently. Find out how to set healthy, reasonable boundaries that strengthen the relationship.

BONUS #1: Pathway to Connection Assessment for both you and your partner.

These assessment tools will help you understand how your skills and your partner's skills stack up. You'll see areas you are both strong in and areas that need work. Complete the assessment before you start The Workshop and then again 6 weeks later. You'll love seeing the progress on the pathway to a secure connection!

BONUS #2: What is my partner's attachment style? Quiz

Now that you know your attachment style, it's critical to also know your partner's attachment style. You will complete this quiz based on how you see your partner. Understanding each other's attachment style will allow you to understand each other's core vulnerabilities.

After you know your partner's style you will find lots of helpful information in The Workshop to help you better understand why your partner does certain things, this will give you a new perspective on your relationship.


We are confident that you are going to love Rewire Your Relationship-The Workshop, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, we do provide a 14-day happiness guarantee.


Is Rewire your Relationship- The Workshop Right For Me?


You’ll receive an email with a digital download of The Guide to Rewire your Relationship - 40 pages, along with the Pathway to Connection Assessment for both you and your partner. You'll also receive a link to complete the "What Is My Partner's Attachment Style?" Quiz.

With an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, you can access your guide anytime on your computer or simply print it out on your home printer right away.


In Rewire your Relationship-The Workshop you'll learn:

  • How to uncover the hidden reasons you are lacking closeness.
  • How to identify which strategies are leading you away from connection.
  • How to recognize when you are communicating from a place of fear and defensiveness and shift into a place that is more heartfelt and authentic.
  • How to resolve arguments quickly so they don't drag on for days.
  • How to not feel invisible in your relationship by setting healthy boundaries.
  • How to learn simple, proven practices that will rewire your brain to repair old pathways and create new ones.
  • Learn the hidden pitfalls of expressing your emotions.


This is not a book, it is a comprehensive system for you to understand your attachment styles and create meaningful relationships. Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format.


At this time The Guide to Rewire Your Relationship is only available in digital PDF format.  You can print the entire bundle 40 plus pages and have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder, or you can print just the pages you need.


The Guide to Rewire Your Relationship will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minute of your purchase.


The Workshop is perfect for couples who are interested in improving their relationship but maybe they're not quite or ready to seek counseling, but who have the discipline to implement the suggestions.

This Workshop is designed for individuals who are motivated to improve their relationship whether you've been together for two months or twenty years.

The Workshop is not sufficient for couples who are working through an affair, addiction or other traumatic disconnection.

The Workshop is not couples therapy or counseling.


I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you're the only one working on your relationship. Ideally, both partners would participate but it's not required. In fact, many individuals who implement the steps have seen big improvements in their relationship without their partner even participating in The Workshop.


This assessment tool helps you track your progress. You'll take the assessment and score yourself and your partner before you begin implementing the steps in The Guide.

You'll get a better understanding of what areas you are strong in and what areas need extra attention. After 6 weeks of implementing the steps in The Workshop, take the assessment again and see how you score.


The Guide to Rewire Your Relationship is priced at $29. The 4 steps included in The Guide would be the equivalent of about 12 hours of couples therapy which is a value of $1,800.


If you’re unhappy with our product or didn’t receive the digital download please reach out to us directly at